New system support and new routines have contributed to more satisfied customers and better internal collaboration. With all the information gathered in one place, the employees at Dina Försäkringar can provide better and faster service.


Dina Försäkringar previously handled its customer information and history in several different systemswhich led to long and unnecessary time spent to find the right information. Dina Försäkringar were therefore looking for a new system that would be more customer centricity oriented. Above all, it was important that the customer information and history would be easily accessible to all employees. By giving all employees a holistic view of the customer, the goal was to be able to offer professional and proactive service.

Another key factor was the GDPR and the new law about insurance distribution (IDD)Dina Försäkringar needed to change working methods in combination with finding a new system that would meet the laws and regulations. They wanted to take advantage of the new legal requirements to create value for their customers and simplify the everyday lives of their employees. 



Dina Försäkringar consists of 6 insurance companies with offices around Sweden. They all operate under the common brand Dina Försäkringar. As the country’s sixth largest insurance company within non-life insurance, they offer protection for everything from home and family to cars, pets and companies. Today, you will find Dina Försäkringar in about 40 locations across Sweden, from Lund in the south to Piteå in the north.




To ensure the solution met the company’s requirements, Releye and Dina Försäkringar conducted an analysis phase from June to August 2018. The analysis phase was mapped the needs and work processes that were to be covered. The phase resulted in a plan of what was to be done and when.

Thereafter, the implementation project was started and ran from September 2018 to February 2019.  The project group consisted of a consulting team from Releye that worked closely with a project team from Dina Försäkringar. A great and close collaboration was key for a successful project. 



The cooperation with Releye was easy as they understood our business and our needs at an early stage. Releye quickly captured our ideas and presented solutions that many times exceeded our expectations. The project was part of our journey to gain an overall picture of the customer and to develop our sales culture. We got a fantastic tool in our CRM that now gives our sales organization a prerequisite to follow our sales process including all new regulations in a simple and unified way. ”  

Ulrika Svensson Berggren, Dina Försäkringar


Since the system support and the new routines were introduced, Dina Försäkringar has obtained a more accessible and holistic view of the customer. Today, their solution is called “Customer360”, where all information about the customer and its insurance, damage and past issues are gathered. Employees can immediately access customer information and history when calls and emails come in. In order to achieve a complete “Customer360”, integrations into insurance and document management systems have been developed. 

The platform on which Dina Försäkringar has built its CRM solution is Salesforce’s sales and service platform. The solution provides support for complex sales processes for companiesagriculture and brokered accountsit enables reporting and follow-up of sales, customer service, additional sales opportunities and needs analysis and also holds advisory documentation. All parts to facilitate Dina Försäkringar’s service and advice to its customers. 

Ease of access has contributed to better and more efficient service, regardless of which employee at Dina Försäkringar the client communicates with. In addition, Dina Försäkring complies with the new legal requirementsGDPR and IDD. 




Stronger customer relationships

When customer information and history is gathered, employees can provide better and faster service.



Everything in order

The new system is structured and accessible to all employees. 



Better cooperation


With all the information in one place, the risk of things falling through the cracks is reduced. The overview makes it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate with each other. 


Inspired by our customers


Marketing Automation creates additional sales


New CRM system creates more customer value


New partner strategy and portal