Change management

To succeed with a CRM initiative, it is important that the entire organization is involved in the change. Therefore, it is important to plan for how the solution should be woven into working methods and organization and how you should keep employees engaged during and after the change.

Parts of change management

Question & answers

Do you really have to do this?

Is it not enough to just introduce system support? Our and others' experience shows that change management is central to the success of IT initiatives. The only time an IT system can be launched without related change management is when an existing system is replaced with an equivalent one. But these projects are quite rare.

How does it work?

It always starts with getting an overview of the overall goals. The strategy for achieving the goals, as well as the conditions that exist. An analysis is then made to understand the extent and risk of the change. Among other things, we need to know how many are affected and in what way. And we also need to know if there are events in our world we need to know. Then we start our wheel of change, which begins with questions about how goals and goals are communicated and ends with a successful change. Releye adds resources that can help in various ways in the work.