Complete solutions

Take full control of your customer relationships, processes and insights. By combining several different customer solutions within the organization, it is easier to create a consistent overall experience for your customers. Sales, marketing and customer service are common areas to combine in one and the same system. At Releye, we partner with Salesforce and Microsoft. Both offer powerful complete solutions for different types of customer relationships.

Sales, marketing & customer service in one and the same system

To work in a uniform manner requires structure and planning. Many companies use a CRM system to file and gather customer information. When there is structure among the customer data, it becomes much easier to find the right information and work with it in a uniform way.

With automation and digital tools, you can streamline several customer-oriented processes. Instead of spending time on lists In Excel, calendar reminders and other types of manual tasks, employees can focus on building personal relationships with customers.

Look at statistics, reports and forecasts in your CRM system and let dashboards visualize how your lead management, customer satisfaction or sales statistics are. Overview and gain insights on important key figures and KPIs to be able to act quickly when needed.

Effects & values