Business development

More and more people are choosing to implement a CRM system to nurture and develop their customer relationships. But a CRM system is just a tool, to achieve good results requires a long-term CRM strategy in place. At Releye, we have consultants who are experts in business development in areas that are about establishing, maintaining and developing profitability and sustainable customer relationships.

Parts of business development

Question & answers

How to proceed?

We start from our 8-step model (Releye Customer Centricity Model). The model is based on the company's overall goals and direction. Then we deliver a plan for parts that relate to working methods, change management, IT support and conditions that must be in place for implementation. Typical work steps are workshops, analysis of data and review of existing infrastructure and systems.

How do we go from being product-oriented to customer-oriented?

According to a study by Deloitte and Touche , customer-oriented companies are 60% more profitable. Accurate sales, faster customer service and more relevant communication are some effects we can expect when we shift focus from product and service to customer. Therefore, business development is a key area in a CRM initiative. We help companies create customer segments based on customer needs, set up metrics that focus on customer satisfaction and share of wallet instead of growth per product category.