Nordnet accelerates their Nordic customer service deparment with one view of the customer

With the help from an efficient process support, Nordnet’s customer service department, has now a one view of the customer’s different involvements. This means that Nordnet now can offer their customers better and faster service.


Nordnet has had a steep expansion curve the past years and needed a better way of helping both their existing customers and the growing number of new customers.

The customer service employees needed to get an overview of the customer in just “one view”. They needed access to all information about a customer that contacts Nordnet, no matter where this information is stored. Their process management was also in need of improvement in order to forward matters to Nordnet’s specialists, so that all matters could be resolved quickly.

”Our customer service is our face towards our customers, and we realized a need of simplifying the work processes for our Nordic customer centers. Our old solution was made up of different systems that our support had to use to put together in order to get complete view of the customer’s engagements. This was old and time consuming since we had to take care of approx. thousands of matters every day. Now that everything is integrated into one single solution, we can solve matters much faster.”

Carl Lönndahl
Head of Change & System Management, Nordnet


The solution includes all four of Nordnet’s customer centers in the Nordics. Now the administrators receive a grouped view of every customer’s previous contacts and errands. They can see incoming phone calls, emails, requests, and interests that are gathered through a web form. They also have better processes and tools for handling cases.

”Building an integrated solution based on a standardized platform such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM has many advantages, for instance scalability, which is an important parameter for fast-growing Nordnet.”

Markus Ewers
Founder, Releye


The project started in spring 2013 and it is successively installed in the Nordic countries. The installation includes 200 users in the Nordics.

”We are very pleased with the new customer service tool as we see an increase in our service level and we constantly receive positive feedback from our customers. We now have a solution that we can continue to grow with, and is directly connected to our vision of delivering innovative services.” Carl Lönndahl Head of Change & System Management, Nordnet