Releye Awards

At our annual Christmas party, we had an awards ceremony where Releye colleagues voted on which employees best represent our core values.

The winners are…

The most trusted colleague
– Nellie Fredriksson

– Creating strong relationships with customers based on trust and close cooperation. She always keeps her promises and is a highly valued colleague.

Most curious expert
– Sabarinathan Ravindran

– Is always curious and passionate about our clients’ business. With his vast knowledge, he creates innovative and smart solutions designed for success. He constantly challenges his clients and colleagues and always lends a helping hand.

The most curious expert
– Alkaka Alleje 

– Because he always challenges himself, learns new things and is adaptable to change. His curiosity has made him one of our most certified consultants. He is a true expert and star when it comes to customer support.

Most together focused colleague
– Saeed Fatemi 

– Because he is a social and caring team member. He knows how to tackle obstacles and has fun while doing it. He is helpful and shares his knowledge with everyone in the Releye family.

Congratulations on your awards.