R&D Summit

Highlights from our R&D Summit

The R&D Conference is an annual event, an event about research and development. The 2022 conference at Releye was tied with our core values and goals for 2022/2023 which took place as a 2-day event at Westmanska Palatset.

Releye’s three core values which has a common goal of helping people and Business grow:

  1. Together
  2. Curious Experts
  3. Reliable

Although, what we really focused on was working Together with us being Curious Experts to make our organization, a best place to work along with taking into consideration personal development.

We had 6 workstreams where we divided each focus group into smaller focus areas. Following are the areas and the outcome of their research.

  1. Industry Vertical: Financial Services – Customer Onboarding, Customer retention and regulatory processes within financial services.
  2. Industry Vertical: Manufacturing – How can Releye help our customer’s on their journey towards becoming a World Class Manufacturer, jotting down Terms & Definitions – Industry-specific vocabulary and our customers & segmentation.
  3. Technical Workstreams – Lot of cool Salesforce features were demonstrated such as Salesforce Messaging, DevOps Center(Beta), Mulesoft Composer, Customer Data Platform, Everyone’s favorite trending CDP in Salesforce at the moment, Genie and many other relevant technical solutions were also showcased.
  4. Employee Branding & Life Cycle – Employee Value Proposition (EVP) was the main highlight in order to set right offers, associations and perceptions that an employer wants to be associated with to attract right talent.
  5. Last but not the least, Project Consulting Method where new methods of structuring work, re-designing of project timeline, etc. to be able to find the data at one place in the Teams structure.

After all, making a conference Productive is in our power and the exposure to the characteristics of it such as Expert speakers, educational brainstorming and fascinating product demos have made this conference maximally appealing to have a valuable experience. And to conclude, now the action time begins i.e., putting forth a significant amount of effort after the gathering.