Unisport’s new sales process ensures that the customer journey becomes more strategic and efficient across all levels. Thanks to a common sales data structure the cooperation between Unisport’s countries and departments has increased. Analyzers and reports have also improved as more qualitative data is uploaded to the system.


THE BACKGROUND: Unisport has acquired several different companies to achieve their goal of becoming a northern European leader in complete solutions for sports facilities and activity areas. As a result of the acquisitions the sales processes and data structures differed depending on which business unit the processes belonged to. Unisport was looking for a system that structured their business opportunities and ensured that the sales process looked the same – regardless of whether it was a business unit in Sweden, Finland or another country. Another goal was to get a clearer overview to create sharper reports and analyzes. 


    Unisport is today the clear market leader in sports facilities surfaces and equipment in the Nordic countries. Unisport has a pro forma turnover of 146 million euros and 400 employees in 6 countries. The head office is located in Helsinki. The companies operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands complement each other product-wise and geographically.

    The aim is to reach a significant growth in sales and to become a leading North European one-stop service partner whose sports facility concepts provide the best environment for athletes as well as spectators.


      THE ASSIGNMENT: In April 2019, Releye went to Hjärnarp to map and identify the needs of Unisport. A pilot project was launched shortly afterward to define challenges and difficulties. Since the business units worked in different silos at this time, the task was to find a common data structure for the entire group. 

      The first phase was about setting up a structure for customer contact, customer management and business opportunities. Dynamics 365 Sales with the out-of-the-box connections to the Office suite, specifically Outlook / Exchange, became a first, stripped-down version of Unisport’s new CRM. 

      Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Sales was implemented in Sweden in September. Thereafter, the solution has been rolled out to the other countries.



      THE SOLUTION: The solution for Unisport is a new sales process and related reports. Since the processes was introduced, more data has been added and the sellers are now working with their pipelines in Dynamics 365.

      As better and more structured sales data were collected, Unisport wanted to take the next step and combine it with data from other sources such as business systems and financial data. The aim was to get even more insight and better analyzes and reports. Today, Unisport uses Dynamics 365 Customer-Engagement Sales together with Power BI for data monitoring. 

      Power BI provides several opportunities for deep diving into data, at all levels of the organization. In the first phase, it is about historicizing data, which means, taking snapshots of the business every day. Due to its size, Unisport needs a structured and good follow-up of the entire process, not just sales. Therefore, Releye is building a ‘data warehouse’ to collect and historize data for sales and the upcoming implementation. In this way, both sales management and project management will be able to see what the result of their collaboration will be. 

      Reports are collected at different levels and can be used to coach employees. With Power BI, there is a comprehensive pipeline where you can see the entire organization or drill it down all the way to a single business opportunity. For example, the sales manager who sits at the top of the sales organization gets a different overview than what the salespeople get. 


        “CE has increased visibility of all sales information especially opportunities and provided a tool for process execution in a very professional way. Releye was recommended for CRM implementation by our current Navision vendor. Based on very good experience we selected Releye also for our BI (Business Intelligence & Power BI) partner”.

        Marika Launonen
        Head of IT, Unisport



          Increased communication

          Both internal and external communication have been improved.

            More effective sales process

            The customer journey is more efficient and strategic with the new sales process.


              Clearer data structure


              The common sales data structure is clearer and has led to better overviews, sharper reports and more cooperation between Unisport’s countries and departments.

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