Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren

Customer story

Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren implements a new mobile operating system for more effective communication

In order to achieve more efficient communication between headquarters, dealers and assemblers. Mockfjärds Fönstermaster needed to implement a new and mobile business system.

Customer: Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren
Solution: Mobile operating systems

Mockfjärds is a family business from Mockfjärd in the heart of Dalarna, where house building and craft tradition have been a large part of society for centuries. Mockfjärds works with total solutions and responsibility for entire window changes, from measurement and planning to completed installation.


Mockfjärds Fönster offers quality windows, doors and assembly at people’s own homes and apartments. The company prioritizes service, accountability and security, which naturally sets high demands on even their internal communications. 

”Unfortunately, we have not always had the best technical support. Up until 2008 we had various internal Excel systems for assembly planning and task management. It worked fine, but as we grew, we needed to coordinate our systems and methods of communication.”

Tommy Larsson

CEO, Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren


A mobile operating system, also known as Sweet Mobile, became the solution for rationalizing and streamlining the communication between Mockfjärds headquarters, dealers and assemblers.

”We’re not just in offices, but also out in the field throughout various parts of the country. We needed a tool to be able to speak the same language and have a common understanding of all customer processes we deal with. Much of what we communicate about is, after all, about one and the same task on a case by case basis.

The new technical solution consists essentially of Sweet Server, an integrated mobile suite with server functions that result in greater efficiency by providing comprehensive information management. It facilitates information sharing between the different units of the company, which provides better transparency and an overview of our business. Additionally, the platform manages all the company’s customers, Contacts, service issues, and mobile communication.”

Tommy Larsson

CEO, Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren

”With this solution, Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren doesn’t have to deal with replacing all the different source systems they have, and can instead gather and present information in a consistent and synchronized manner. It contributes to high efficiency, whilst they can attain better control over communications with customers. It will result in the company being perceived as being much more professional.

Another advantage of the solution is the ability for sellers and assemblers to solve issues at the customer and have access to statistics that were previously only available to headquarters.”

Klas-Magnus Hilberth

Founder, Releye


”All the people we have out in the field can plan and manage much more efficiently. It’s a win-win for the entire company and customers as well. The major advantage of this is that we integrate the company into a more efficient synergy and we all come closer together as co-workers. We can concentrate on what we’re good at, which is good business of course.”

Tommy Larsson

CEO, Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren

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