Customer story

Memira made a prestudy within CRM and automation for increased customer loyalty and digitization

Right now, Memira is making a big effort to ensure high quality in the experience along the entire customer journey from incoming lead to treated patient

Customer: Memira
Solutions: CRM &  automation

Memira is an eye clinic that since 1990 has helped thousands of people on a daily basis with increased freedom without glasses and lenses. They have about 40 clinics in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


Memira has the ambition to grow faster and to increase profitability. They hired Releye as an expert on customer and IT strategy to help develop a more efficient platform for processes, practices and systems that would support Memira’s overall strategy to grow profitably.

They want to find new ways of working to increase loyalty and customer experience as well as improve profitability by becoming more efficient and achieve a better structure. The goal is to become 100% digital and create value for customers by being available 24/7 and through the channels the customers prefer.

”From start to finish of the prestudy, Releye has been a professional partner who unbelievably quickly understood our business, challenged our habitual working methods and forced us to think new. It is necessary for a digitalization journey to not only automate the process we have now, but to really contribute to a significant change that creates value for the customer.”

Frida Göransson

Tech & Process Development Director, Memira


For three months, Releye conducted a prestudy together with Memira, which included workshops with the customer facing staff, data analysis and process development to find new models and working methods. The recommendation forward that Releye presented was:

Growth through increased loyalty and customer experience

Developing a new model for customer segmentation and a new design of the customer journey, with the aim of attracting new customer groups and maintaining the prospects that have entered Memira’s customer lifecycle.

Profitability through improved efficiency and structure

Developing a proposal for new IT architecture that enables data-driven business development, efficiency, and the highest possible data quality and security. The new architecture will generate a better data structure and aim, among other things, to maintain high customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it will be crucial for Memira to be 100% digital. The proposed structure enables scalability and that learning on data can grow.


The prestudy resulted in a new customer lifecycle with internal and external touch points and a new sales segmentation model. It also resulted in a request for information (RFI) for CRM systems that Memira will use as a basis for procuring a new system platform.

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