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Ferronordic Machines automates their customer and machine life cycle and improves profitability

Now, Ferronordics are moving their main focus from product sales to service and additional sales. By using information from collected data and delivered equipment, they want to deliver proactive service and inform the customer of any problems that may occur before the customers themselves know it.

Customer: Ferronordics Machines

Solution: Automation

Ferronordic is an authorized dealer for Volvo Construction Equipment, Terex Trucks, Dressta, Mecalac and Rottne in Russia. In some parts of Russia, Ferronordic has also been appointed aftermarket retailer for Volvo and Renault Trucks and distributors for Volvo Penta.


Before Releye and Ferronordic Machines started working together, the machine company’s way of managing the aftermarket was ad hoc and completely dependent on each partner’s interest and skill.

Even though the Ferronordic Machines knew there were unused potential, they had no strategy connected to their aftermarket business, giving them no opportunity of monitoring their results. Therefore, a goal emerged: Shift the focus away from the product towards customer centricity in order to improve both the customer experience and the company’s revenue on the aftermarket.



Ferronordic Machines implements new strategies based on Releye’s model for customer strategy – the Customer Centricity Model (CCM) – while focusing on the sales organization, including sales leadership and the whole service department.

Together with the Ferronordic Machines, Releye implemented new strategies, prioritizing the following areas:

  • Customer strategy: Creation of a new model for customer segmentation and responsibility, new management processes and measures to better support the work with leadership and structure. Lastly improving management and processes for new and existing customers.
  • Sales strategy: Implementation of a new sales strategy centered on the customer and product life cycle, and a mobile CRM solution showing ONE view of the customer. The CRM solution also functions as a tool for follow-up for the sales manager.
  • Structure for analysis: A new structure improves storing, analyzing, and making decisions based on large amounts of data. This new structure specifies business rules for automation of customer communication determined by the new product life cycle.
  • Dashboards: Definition of new measures that are presented in reports, both in the mobile CRM solution and on dashboards. These measures give an overview of the ongoing sales initiative.

The implemented technical solution is based on Sweet System’s platform, which has been customized for Ferronordic Machines needs. Sweet’s application Sweet Automation is used as a rules engine for automated analysis and communication.

How does it work?

Every piece of equipment has a built-in sensor that sends information to the retailer’s data warehouse. The information is structured and analyzed by the Sweet Automation rules engine and then sent to the sales people and the service department through the mobile CRM solution. Now, the employees can monitor the function of the equipment, and contact customers to take action. All based on automated recommendations.


Ferronordic Machines now offer their customers a new type of service with a unique way of communication. Their goal is for the equipment to never stop working. Customers are alerted about possible future malfunctions and the retailer gives them recommendations about new spare parts and equipment, based on signals from the rules engine.

In the future, the Ferronordic Machines plan on including their customers in the new system to create transparency so they can act themselves. There is great sales potential in letting the system itself give recommendations, based on predictive analysis from the equipment.


”This solution is on the leading edge of technology and organizations. Together with Ferronordic Machines, Releye combined sales to new customers with the service department. Thanks to that, they can now deliver a better user experience to their customers. Instead of implementing a classic CRM software and choosing different functions, we incorporated strategy, organization and technology and created a unique concept for Ferronordic Machines”

Klas Magnus Hilberth

Founder, Releye

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