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Ahlsell increases sales efficiency by implementing a new CRM system

Ahlsell, the leading wholesaler of installation products within B2B in the Nordics needed a better support for the sales persons to be able to increase the sales efficiency in the company – they wanted their sales force to spend more time with the customers and less time at the office. By implementing Sweet Portal and Sweet Performance, Ahlsell now has a smart and mobile solution which has been received positively among Ahlsell’s 3600 salespersons. Sweet systems makes it easier to be a seller at Ahsell.

Customer: Ahlsell
Solutions: CRM & Performance

Ahlsell’s unique customer offering gives professional users access to a comprehensive range of products and related services in water & sewage, heating & sanitation, ventilation, insulation, electricity, refrigeration, construction, real estate, industry, tools & machinery, and supplies and personal protective equipment.


The sales organization of Ahlsell consists of 3 600 sales persons in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark which makes them one of the largest sales organizations within B2B, in the Nordic region. One of their biggest challenges was to be able to ensure that the sales persons were putting their time and effort on the right customers and that they made the right businesses. Since Ahlsell’s current CRM-system within the organization was not being used sufficiently, and since all the sales persons were working in their ow way – Ahlsell requested a new way of working and a new tool to be able to increase the effectivity.

”The goal with our new investment in sales efficiency was to give our employees a modern and useful tool for them to be able to increase the customer satisfaction. We were looking for a new system that could help our sales persons be better prepared for their customer meetings – with less effort.”

Fredrik Bergegård

Sales Director, Ahlsell


Ahlsell required a solution where they would be able to guide the organization in a better way, by for example setting common goals and sharing this within the sales organization. Thus, to be able to give the sales persons the right conditions for being more efficient they needed more than common goals and a new way of working – they needed a fast and mobile sales support.  

In the fall of 2016 Releye started the process of helping Ahlsell finding a new sales support. Three areas were identified throughout the process which later became the foundations for the new technical solution.

  • Sales Support – a mobile solution for a more efficient sales organization
  • Sales Management – the solution needed to make it possible for the sales management to set goals, share the goals and follow up.
  • Automation – a platform for automated processes with automated marketing communication as a first step

Consultants from Releye together with representatives from Ahlsell’s sales organization formed a project group which together specified the requirements for the new solution. The new sales support system “A-sales” builds upon Sweet Systems platform and is integrated with Ahlsell’s ERP and data warehouse.

”Sweet Systems had several big reference-clients, including for example SEB and Volvo and they showed a clear will to develop their system according to our requirements. We have had professional guidance from Releye during the whole project and they have guided us to a new solution that is already praised within the entire organization. We are incredible satisfied with the cooperation and are looking forward to developing the solution further together.”

Marcus Doverhjelm

Business Support Manager, Ahlsell

Success factors

  • A sales support system that is 100% mobile – the sales persons are supposed to be with their customers – and they need the right conditions to be able to be that. A-sales is entirely mobile and is used before, during and after the customer meetings as a support for the sales person.
  • User experience focus – the solution is simple, self-explaining and invite to usage. The sales persons have already from the beginning expressed a will to work in the new solution which made it easier to launch within the organization.
  • Employees as a part in designing the solution – the new solution was designed and specified in close cooperation with the project group including consultants from Releye and employees from Ahlsell. Having a project group has proven to be a winning concept since the new solution was well received by the users.


The specification of the new system started in mars 2017 and the solution was implemented throughout the entire organization in September.  The new sales support system has already resulted in:

  • Improved information sharing – the new way of working has enabled an easier way to share information
  • Coordinated sales activities – the new solution makes it possible for the management to easily coordinate sales activities in a professional way.
  • Happy employees – thanks to the project group that have participated throughout the entire implementation the new way of working have been received well among the employees.

”With the new solution it will be easily for me to manage my work on the field which is going to give me much more time and make me more flexible. I already feel that A-sales will be a useful tool in my everyday.”

Örjan Andersson

Industry sales , Ahlsell

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