Alexander talks about his internship with us at Releye

21 Aug, 2019

Each semester Releye take on interns who come and work with exciting projects over several weeks. When they are here, they get the chance to test their knowledge, usually in a specific area. Our most recent intern is Alexander Holmberg and he is studying to become a Web Developer .Net, at Lernia.

How come you chose to educate yourself to become a web developer?

– I had been working in healthcare for a long time and I felt that I wanted to test something new. And since I have always liked problem solving, I thought that programming could be an exciting challenge for me to tackle, and also a new area for personal development.

What does a web developer do?

– As a web developer, you work on programming and developing various systems, such as web apps and web services. This means that you often work in the usual frontend techniques on the web such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript. And in the backend languages ​​like Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby or C #. Working as a web developer is very fun because you get to participate and create something from scratch – from idea to finished launch.

When you were looking for an internship, what was important to you?

– I was looking for an internship that could offer me to work with exciting solutions and projects, where I could challenge myself and test my knowledge, and to develop on a personal level. I was also looking for an internship where there was an opportunity for employment after the internship.

Why did you want to do your internship here at Releye?

– A friend of mine had done his internship with Releye and is now employed here. He spoke very well of the company which made me interested. I also thought that working with different CRM solutions sounded like a fun challenge.

What did you get to do here during your internship? 

– I’ve learned a lot about Salesforce because I’ve been involved in different customer projects, which has been a fun challenge to tackle with a lot of lessons learned. During my internship I have also been involved in developing a new website on a new platform which will soon replace the old website.

How do you feel that your internship has been here with us at Releye?

– It has been above my expectations. Everyone has been very helpful and engaged, and I have had fun challenges, where I had to think for myself and find my own solutions to move forward in the project – which makes everything even more fun when everything falls into place.

Would you recommend Releye as an employer/internship to others? And why?

-Yes, absolutely! I think everyone here has worked hard for me to enjoy and develop during my internship. Releye have really made sure I get the most out of my time here and I feel that I have.

What do you think you will do in 5 years?

– I hope that I will continue to develop and create smart solutions that will simplify everyday work for companies and organizations. That’s what I find most rewarding about working as a developer today.

Video: Alexander talks about his internship (In Swedish)


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