Retail Bank

Retail Bank optimizes and streamlines their campaign processes with help of marketing automation

We helped a leading retail bank realize the needs to optimize and streamline their campaign process. The solution became marketing automation.

”Releye’s strength is the understanding of our customers’ market processes. This helps us to quickly present a flexible working method and a sustainable IT solution, which at the same time is cost-effective, which our customers demand. We have a think, a method and a structural capital that make these types of projects possible for all our customers and it is quick to implement the processes and services.”

Markus Ewers
Founder, Releye


At the start of the project, the company had already come a long way with their market processes and had a structured approach to content, social media and online and offline advertising with successful results. But they saw that the potential could be even better with tools in Marketing Automation.

One of the challenges that the company was facing was that the report and analysis work was largely done manually, which made it difficult to continuously monitor the results and the possibility of continuously optimizing the marketing activities. They also had difficulty handing over campaign management to other team members because the lack of tools meant that they worked in silos. Finally, they also did not have a good enough overview of the entire market management.

The project goals set were therefore:

  • Create an overall picture of marketing planning and campaigns
  • Reduce the dependency on a transparent campaign view that is accessible to everyone
  • Improve the follow-up and increase conversions, the ability to set goals and follow the outcome of campaigns in real time


The company says that thanks to the new tool, they can have a continued targeted dialogue with customers and prospectus without being mass marketing. They can also ensure that they target the right target groups in their digital ads and have the opportunity to measure the conversion rate in all campaigns. Now they can control the results themselves and can make quick follow-ups.